7 tips to kickstart your day right and limit your stress & anxiety!

A healthy routine can help reduce stress and anxiety by preparing your body and mind and set the tone for the rest of your day. Implementing positives actions the moment you wake up will set you up for success. It takes 21 days to make any new habits stick, so be patient with yourself.  Here are seven tips to kickstart your day right and limit your stress & anxiety:

Drink 1-2 glasses of water upon waking helps to speed up your metabolism and flush out your digestive system.

Make your bed! It’s an instant feeling of accomplishing a task, who doesn’t love crawling into a nicely made bed at the end of a long day?

Practicing mindfulness (being present when performing a task) and meditation aids in reducing stress and anxiety and increases contentment.

Exercise to combat stress and anxiety, even fear with only a minimum of 20 minutes of physical activity a day.

Limiting your screen time can help reduce stress and anxiety and help you sleep better (when reducing screen time 90 minutes before bed). reducing screen time is a hard task with our society today, so I suggest you take baby steps on reduction by setting small achievable goals.

Practice gratitude. We tend to speak or think of the negative aspects of our lives instead of paying respect and gratitude to the positive. When we replace our negative thoughts with appreciation, not only will it reduce stress, anxiety and fear but it will also allow room for more positive things to enter our lives.

Be kind. It’s free and good for the soul.

Photo credit: @mrsemilyhopper